The Birth of Video Marketing

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Video marketing has gained enormous publicity as businesses are continuously in search of new and inventive ways to reach their customers. Video advertising has proven an effective form of advertising, as within 10 seconds, you can grab your visitors attention and keep them engaged.

Video advertising stands out especially on social media, as it offers customers a quick overview of a product without overwhelming them with masses of text and information.

It is easier now to create a commercial video at little cost, thanks to the advancement in technological tools. Businesses don’t need expensive tools to create advertising or explainer videos, as they can use the cameras of their smartphones to do that. All that matters in video marketing is developing a strategy that will maximise the reach of your customised commercials.

Media which includes videos is highly more favoured by search engine algorithms, and it goes to show that videos have a direct impact on the results generated by search engines, and as a result, search engines now prominently feature videos among top results.

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